Artist Statement

Often charming and elusive, masterfully executed collages form the body of Maloff's work. Punctuated by mosaic tiles of repurposed paper and unexpected accents, or driven by evocative character studies, her art skillfully blends seemingly incongruent elements into cohesive and strong compositions. Whether she is inviting us into sunlit and lush impressionistic gardens or luring us into the palace intrigue of an 18th century icon, we are enchanted by the compelling and evocative narratives that constitute her art. Leslie hopes to add revitalized skills in other media to her collage work, and to inspire others to join in the narrative of art.

Leslie Maloff

I was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland and my art career started in Elementary School when the Art Specialist for the City Public Schools noticed these pastel pictures I created in 4th grade. We were drawing to music as part of the Arts program.


Ferde Grofe Grand Canyon Suite – Sunrise


Gioachino Rossini William Tell Overture – second movement “Storm”

A subsequent meeting with my parents ended with my enrollment in various museum art programs and study at a private art studio for 10 years.

I have an Associate of Art degree in Art, but graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics, a minor in Science, and a teaching certificate in Math and General Science. I have a M. Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction. While in Michigan, I took many adult education and enrichment classes in art and painted with the Ann Arbor Women’s Club. After moving to Florida, I obtained a teaching certificate in Elementary Education, Math grades K-12, Science 5-9, and Art K-12.

I have incorporated art into my lessons at every opportunity, sponsored after-school art programs, and taught Art as an outside consultant. Since retiring from classroom teaching, I have spent my time developing my collage work which sprung from teaching students about collage and paper tearing.

I love color. I paint what makes me happy or intrigues me.

My Bio

My Paper Mosaic Process

Imagine and Sketch

All art starts with an idea sparked by something I've seen or experienced. I use source photos and make a pencil sketch to start with.

Choosing Colors

I have drawers full of paper I've torn from magazines. I gather pages of colors I want to use to create the painting and tear them into bits that emulate brush strokes.

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Put the Colors Where They Belong

I glue the bits down starting with the background and work my way to the top or foreground.

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Finished Picture